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What’s Great about Integrations?

Integrations allow us to do the heavy lifting of partner management, so you can focus on what you do best!

Streamline Sales Productivity

Co-Sell Motion Automated

Notify your sales team in HubSpot or Salesforce when a new lead is submitted by a partner. Keep sellers in the loop with partner comments that automatically publish to the CRM record.

“We onboarded 40+ partners, and leads were flowing into HubSpot within two weeks.”


Caitlin Teed

Partnership Director, Govalo

Streamline Sales Productivity

Integrations = Payments

Keep Partners Paid

Integrations allow for maximum simplicity. You can be hands-off, while lead registration, opportunity tracking, accounting and more are all taken care of.

“Automating and scheduling referral payments makes it easy to run a best-in-class partner program.”


Casey Murray

Partnership Director, Cohley

Integrations = Payments

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